First Aid Band-Aid

First Aid for Bites and Stings

You may know what got you or wonder if a reaction is due to a bite or sting. Learn to identify such reactions (and their culprits) and how to treat them appropriately.
Human bite mark
Human Bites: More Dangerous Than You Think
Child's legs with bruises and bug bites
What Is a Bug Bite Bruise?
Box jellyfish underwater
Box Jellyfish Stings: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment
A cobra rears up to strike a person's leg
Diagnosing, Treating, and Preventing Snake Bites
Frightening spider on the skin of hands. - stock photo
Natural Remedies for Spider Bites
Asian Man With Dog Walking On Beach Against Clear Sky, Foster City, United States - stock photo
Animal Bites: What You Need to Know
Bug Spray
The 8 Best Bug Sprays of 2022
Bats - Chiroptera
Rabies: Causes and Risk Factors
Rabies Virus 3D Illustration
How Dangerous Is Rabies Today?
Itching in an adolescent
Signs and Symptoms of Bedbug Bites
Woman with nausea
How Rabies Is Diagnosed
Woman receiving vaccination.
How Rabies Is Treated
Brown Recluse Spider
How to Tell if You Were Bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider
Yellow jacket wasp
Why Yellow Jacket Stings Can Be Serious
What You Should Know About Treating Jellyfish Stings
Mosquitoes are sucking blood on the skin.
Treatment for the Common Bug Bite (and Sting)
Jellyfish on the sand
What to Do (and Not to Do) for a Jellyfish Sting
Apis mellifera (honey bee) - the stinger of a black honey bee, torn from the bee's body
How to Remove a Bee Stinger in the Skin
Cat yawning
Steps to Treat Cat Bites and Scratches for Preventing Infection
Please do not bite
How to Treat a Bee Sting Safely
woman with abdominal pain
Don't Wait for These Rabies Symptoms to See a Doctor
?Beware of dog? sign on wooden fence
Get Some Helpful Tips on How to Treat a Dog Bite at Home
Rats hanging on a rope
How to Treat a Rat Bite or Scratch
Rash consistent with shingles
How Skin Infections Are Sometimes Misdiagnosed as Spider Bites
A black widow spider sitting on its web.
Understanding How Black Widow Bites Are Diagnosed
A chigger under magnification
What Are Chigger Bites?
Bark scorpion on a log, Arizona, America, USA
How to Treat a Scorpion Sting
Geranium essential oils in bottles
Natural Mosquito Repellent: Which Works Best?
house spider
Which Spider Bites Are Dangerous—and What to Do About Them
female anopheles arabiensis mosquito
Mosquito Bites: Treat Itching and Recognize Infections
Close-up of a bedbug biting a human
What Are Bedbugs and What Do the Bites Look Like?
western diamondback rattlesnake (crotalus atrox)
How to Properly Prevent and Treat Snake Bites
Stingray stings are rarely fatal, but they sure do hurt.
How to Treat Stingray Stings
ointment stains
How to Get Rid of Bedbugs and Their Bites
Young Woman Having Skin Allergy
Gallery of Dangerous Spider Bite Photos
Pictures of a Rattlesnake Bite in the Hospital
Gallery of Jellyfish Sting Pictures
Mixed Race woman looking under bed with flashlight
Are Your Bites Due to Bedbugs?
mosquito sitting on human skin
7 Reasons Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others