First Aid Band-Aid

First Aid for Bruises, Cuts, and Punctures

Whether it's a scrape from the playground a cut from a kitchen knife or something worse, knowing how to properly treat a cut, puncture, or bruise can help you heal faster and prevent infection.
How to Stop Itching Scabs: Cold/warm compresses, hand hold moisturizer, a bandage on an arm, loose clothing on a person, OTC anti-itch creams, a bath tub (for lukewarm oatmeal bath)
Why Scabs Itch and You Shouldn't Scratch
Ecchymosis: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Individual in hospital bed touching their bruised shin.
Is It a Bruise or Hematoma?
Unhealthy mature woman holding belly, suffering from pain
What Causes a Ruptured Spleen?
sutures on thumb
Do You Need to Get Stitches for That?
Applying a band-aid
Basic First Aid for a Sliced Finger
A woman massaging her jammed finger
Learn About the Best Way to Treat a Jammed Finger
a chef accidentally cuts her finger while preparing food.
How to Treat Accidental Knife Cuts in the Kitchen During Food Prep
A young male doctor with blue medical gloves is holding a medicine bottle and syringe
What to Do If You Experience a Sharps Injury
Bandaged finger
Does Super Glue Heal Minor Cuts and Scrapes?
Toddler Holds Foot and Toes after Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease
How to Treat Rug Burns Depending on Their Severity
Treating chemical burns
How to Treat Chemical Burns and When to Seek Professional Care
foot pain
What You Need to Know About Blood Blisters
People with home safety concept
How to Tell If a Cut or Scrape Is Worthy of a Healthcare Provider's Visit
emergency room
Treatment of Avulsions
patient in the emergency room with signs of internal bleeding
What Are the Symptoms of Internal Bleeding?
woman in martial arts gi holding ice pack up to her eye
The Best Treatment Tips for a Black Eye
Boy with splinter in his hand
Try These Steps to Remove a Splinter
Use of gauze on knee
Is It Pressure or Gauze That Stops Bleeding?
package with blood for transfusion
When Does Hemorrhaging Become a Medical Emergency?
Girl with a bruised knee
Treating a Minor Bruise: If You Act Fast You May Speed Healing
CHICAGO - JUNE 26: Pfizer's Neosporin is displayed on a shelf at a Walgreens store June 26, 2006 in Chicago, Illinois.
Should I Use Neosporin on a Cut?
Bullets forming a spiral shape
Learn Important Steps to Properly Treat a Gunshot Wound Victim
Bandaid on arm
Treatment for a Laceration Typically Depends on the Depth of the Cut
Strong bruised shin - yellow large hematoma on the shin - footballer injury
What Is a Hematoma?
Bandaging finger
First Aid Treatment for a Puncture Wound
EMTs working on a patient
Types of Chest Trauma and Injuries
Propolis tablets, capsules, powder, lozenge, and tincture
What You Should Know Before Using Propolis