First Aid for Heat and Cold Exposure

Whether you're exposed to the elements unexpectedly or not, issues such as dehydration, heat stroke, and frostbite can strike. Learn the signs and what to do if you're affected.
Preventing heatstroke
How to Prevent Heatstroke
Woman walking on snowy street
Signs and Symptoms of Hypothermia
Asian woman walking in snow and coughing
Causes and Risk Factors of Hypothermia
Female nurse reading thermometer
How Hypothermia Is Diagnosed
cold woman, winter, thyroid, winterizing your thyroid
Hypothermia: Symptoms, Stages, Treatment, and More
Treating chemical burns
How to Treat Chemical Burns and When to Seek Professional Care
Doctor treating a hand burn
What Is Silvadene Cream Used For?
A man getting his arm wound taken care of
Learn How to Quickly Treat Burns at Home Regardless of Severity
Woman snowshoeingon snow field
The Symptoms of Frostbite You Should Watch Out For
Toddler Holds Foot and Toes after Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease
How to Treat Rug Burns Depending on Their Severity
Female athlete drinking water.
Thirsty? The Ins and Outs of Dehydration
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What to Do if You Think It's Hypothermia
A woman rubbing a wet towel on her severe sunburn
Calculating the Amount of Skin Burned Using the Rule of Nines
Midsection Of Woman Holding Ice Pack On Hand
Avoid Placing Ice Packs Directly on Your Skin to Avoid Frostbite
Mature Man Outdoors in Nature on a Cold Winter Day
How to Treat Frostbite
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First Aid for a Burned Tongue
A man who wore a wedding ring got a doctor to receive an allowance for injury.
Photo Gallery of Second-Degree Burns
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Get Sunburn Relief With OTC and Home Remedies
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First Aid for Too Much Sun Exposure
different degrees of burn
What Degree Is Your Burn?
A woman holding a cold water bottle against her forehead
How to Tell If Someone Has Heat Exhaustion
Coast guard ice rescue training
5 Steps for Rescuing Someone Who Has Fallen Through Ice
England - London - Three city office workers sunbathe during hot lunchtime
Heat Stroke: Symptoms, Signs, and Treatment
Italy, Trentino, man receiving cup of water during a running competition near Lake Garda
Causes and Treatment of Hyponatremia
Burnt fingers
Do You Know How to Recognize Frostbite?
heat stroke remedies
Tips to Stay Cool and Prevent Dehydration
young woman with cold hands due to Raynaud's syndrome
What Is Raynaud's Syndrome?
Masseur pouring liquid aloe vera into his hand
Aloe Vera: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, Interactions