A person taking a sample of their blood

Living Well With Type 2 Diabetes

Make each day with type 2 diabetes as good as it can be. Explore strategies to help you manage your blood sugar and reduce risk of common complications.
Person with diabetes who needs insulin looks worried
State and Federal Programs to Cap Insulin Out-of-Pocket Costs
Person experiencing changed sensations in foot from diabetic neuropathy
The Effects of Diabetic Neuropathy
Sarah Bryant
How I Changed My Life to Better Manage Type 2 Diabetes
Do-Eun Lee
What Happens If Diabetes Is Not Managed Properly?
Hyvelle Ferguson-Davis
Small Lifestyle Changes Saved My Life
Christina Herrera
Managing My Diabetes One Day at a Time
Anthony Wilson
How I Control My Diabetes So It Doesn’t Control My Life
Kimberleigh Smith
Working Toward a Medication-Free Life With Type 2 Diabetes
Black woman cutting vegetables
Type 2 Diabetes Management Barriers in People of Color
Illustration of tablet
Glumetza (Metformin) Oral: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages, Interactions
Woman feeling dizzy
Dizzy After Eating
Women with diabetes running outside
Can you be an athlete if you have diabetes?
Man with stomach pain at home
Gastroparesis and Diabetes: What to Know
support group session
What Can You Get Out of a Diabetes Support Group?
Plate of veggies, dark chocolate and apples with peanut butter
Glycemic Index vs. Load: Tools for Blood Sugar Control
A person massaging their feet
Should You Take Special Care of Your Feet is You Have Diabetes?
Woman checking blood sugar
Managing Diabetes: What You Should Know
Person checking blood sugar
Blood Sugar Spikes: Causes, Symptoms, and Management
Male checking his blood sugar
Can Erectile Dysfunction Related to Diabetes Be Reversed?
Diabetic neuropathy
How Is Diabetic Neuropathy Diagnosed and Treated?
Warming cold fingers on warm mug
Medical Reasons You Have Cold Fingers
An older person uses a blood sugar meter on their index finger.
The Best Time to Check Blood Sugar
Photo of Agnes Czuchlewski
A Personal Journey With Type 2 Diabetes
Family doctors appointment
How Can You Support Someone With Diabetes in a Nonjudgmental Way?
Man looking at prescription bottle
Metformin and ED: Is There a Connection?
Woman with diabetes lying down from a headache associated with low blood sugar
What Is the Relationship Between Diabetes and Migraines?
Woman inserting eye drops.
What Are Diabetic Eye Diseases?
One little eye test goes a long way
Diabetic Macular Edema: What to Know
Eye exam
What Causes Diabetic Retinopathy and How Is It Diagnosed?
Dilated pupil/blue eye.
What Is a Diabetes Eye Exam?
woman checking glucose levels
What Is Normal Nonfasting Glucose?
Older person uses smartphone but appears to have vision difficulties
Symptoms and Stages of Diabetic Retinopathy
A person getting a tattoo
Should You Get a Tattoo If You Have Diabetes?
Doctor and patient discuss diabetes care
Key Elements to Manage and Prevent Diabetes Complications
High Angle View Of A Heart Shape Made From Pills, Tablets, Drugs, Statins, Painkillers And Aspirin
Statins and Diabetes: Risks and Benefits
A doctor of Asian descent and an elderly patient are indoors at the man's home. The doctor is talking to his patient about his depression and anxiety while showing him his tablet.
What Is the Connection Between Diabetes and Depression?
Woman with diabetes eating
Is Diabetes a Disability?
Man with cigarette, lighter, and medical device on arm
Smoking and Increased Risk for Diabetes
woman holding brush hair loss
Is Diabetes Causing You to Lose Your Hair?
The idea of extracting marijuana oil for natural treatment of disease
The Benefits and Precautions of Using Marijuana for Diabetes
Senior woman checking blood sugar levels
How Stress Is Connected to Diabetes
Variety of spices
Cultural Considerations in Diabetes Management
Diabetes Awareness Month
Observe National Diabetes Awareness Month by Investing in Yourself
Mental health and substance abuse support group
What Is a Comorbidity?
How Diabetes Can Contribute to Bone Disease
These late nights are not working for me
Managing Diabetes and Shift Work
What Is the Connection Between Chronic Illness and Depression?
Person wearing an insulin pump
Do You Have Lipohypertrophy and What Can You Do About It?
Woman using an iPad in a kitchen
The Top 5 Apps for Managing Diabetes of 2022
Best Diabetic Socks
The 9 Best Diabetic Socks of 2022
Insulin test and vials
What to Expect From an A1C Home Test Kit
doctor talking to patient, surgeon talking to patient
Diabetes and Surgery: Blood Sugar and Your Surgery Outcome
Woman with prescription bottle at laptop
ACE Inhibitors: Blood Pressure Control in Diabetes
Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy
How Diabetes Can Affect Your Vision
Diabetic girl using blood glucose meter
10 Steps for Using a Glucometer
Blood on finger
Using a Blood Ketone Meter
Woman wearing a CGM and putting her hair up
Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Weighing the Pros and Cons
woman using diabetes test kit
The Diabetes Supplies to Pack When You Leave Home
Dental hygienist showing a chart to a patient
Why It's Particularly Important to Floss When You Have Diabetes
Close up of asian woman hands using lancet on finger to check blood sugar level by glucose meter, Healthcare medical and check up, diabetes, glycemia, and people concept
What Blood Glucose Meter Is Right for You?